Teban Duke meets with William Hardy Hill Steiner, CEO of
Colombia Entertainment Group

August 11, 2018

A meeting took place between artist Teban Duke to discuss possibilities of organizing events and recordings in the future. Teban is very humble young man destined to make good of his talent in entertainment in Colombia and around the world. CEG looks forward to having the opportunity to organize our first event together in the country of Colombia for many of the youth.

Photo left to right , William Hardy Hill Steiner, CEO of Colombia Entertainment Group and Reggaeton artist from Medellin, Teban Duke.

Colombian artist Deybis Urrego gives tribute to Mexican rachera artist Vicente Fernandez

June 26, 2018

Everyone at Colombia Entertainment Group was proud to have provided the stage to Colombian artist Deybis Urrego Oficial that gave tribute to Mexican ranchera artist Vicente Fernandez during the event at estadio Hernando Azcarate Martinez in Buga for the event for the fathers. Photo Left to right, artist Deybis Urrego and Chief Executive Officer William Hardy Hill Steiner of CEG. Photo Credit: Felipe Orvi

Colombian Popular artist Louis Alberto Posada is set to perform in Buga, Colombia

April 19, 2018

Colombia Entertainment Group and Imporsystem had a very nice meeting with the great icon of popular music in Colombia, Luis Alberto Posada, who is very excited to share with all their followers the 40 Years of artistic life. "Imporsystem is proud to be part of this great event for the city of Buga", says the CEO of Julian Andres Betancourt G. This super concert is performed in tribute to the great idol of the people, which in addition to having a great talent, has been a source of inspiration for many young people in Colombia.

The next event scheduled in Buga will have the hand of the artist Luis Alberto Posada with the artist Francy "La Voz Popular de América" at the stadium Hernando Azcárate Martinez 23 June 2018 Photo from left to right: Executive Director William Hardy Hill Steiner, artist Luis Alberto Posada and the sponsor and Executive Director Julian Betancourt of importsystem.

(Photo left to right) Chief Executive Office of Colombia Entertainment Group, William Hardy Hill Steiner, Artist, Luis Alberto Posada and CEO of Imporsystem, Julian Andres Betancourt.

Isabella Campo appointed as publicist and public relations laison

April 14, 2018

Colombia Entertainment Group (CEG) announces the appointment of the presenter and journalist Isabella Campo as a new member of the media and corporate image office. Isabella, is a young woman who performs a wide variety of experiences in different media, in which she has acted as presenter, announcer and journalist in the region of Valle del cauca. Her focus will be to generate innovative ideas that will expand our alliances, in addition to being our publicist and public relations laison.